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Accidents will happen..

August 29, 2008

Yesterday was my first full day working from home on our web interests and i began the day by setting up my new gear, or ‘kit’ as Iain likes to call it. Wireless keyboard & mouse, 22″ monitor and printer/scanner. It was a bit like Christmas morning! The Screen was easy to set up and initially seemed fine but soon after i noticed a ripple running through the display, eeeek, not good! I carried on, set up the mouse & keyboard and then started to open the printer box! I thought the rattling noise was a loose ink cartridge in the box and oh how i wish it was. The scanner panel was in several sharp edged pieces when i got the packaging opened. Very dissapointing! The screen was not terrible but upon reflection it was unsatisfactory especially when it was obvious that the printer had got beaten up on its way to us! So, all that effort and now iv repackaged the whole lot for collection! Carrying such expensive goods to a destination is a difficult job and must be full of trials, the couriers could be at fault but perhaps they are not, other factors could have caused the damage. I could have taken delivery of it and sabotaged it unwittingly, which i should state i DID NOT!! Its a bit like how we handle the Gospel i think. What an important and valuable gift we have but do we handle it carefully or do we damage it whether knowingly or otherwise?


Interact with us………..

August 28, 2008

In the links section you will find some links under ‘Interact with us’ and we want to give you a few ways to do this. If you are on Facebook, Bebo or Twitter you can hook up with us there but don’t worry because if not you can still comment here on the blog. These areas are all in their infancy so link up to us and leave some comments about what you would like to see or hear about on our blog.


Coming soon

August 28, 2008

Ok folks if you have landed on this page it may be because you have picked up a Faith Mission Diary or some other literature that has advertised our online shop. As you can see the shop is not onlline just yet. Over the last few weeks we have seen significant changes in this area. The current team are working hard to iron out all the issues as quickly as possible but as yet we are not able to set a definite date for launch so please be patient with us. In the meantime we hope  you will drop by here for the latest on what is happening with the site and with our shops. Heres what to expect in the meantime:

The Portadown shop is moving this week so we will bring you the latest news and pictures of that as soon as we get them.

We will keep you up to date with what books you should be reading and what cds you should be buying with the latest info on new releases.

In time we hope to add many more features to the blog so stay tuned