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Over the last few weeks i have been reading this book by Dan Kimball. I started by devouring it over a weekend but slowed down after that to take more time to consider his words. Kimball is one of the earliest names connected to the Emerging Church movement, which may or may not be good for his repuatation depending on what you know or understand of the Emerging or Emergent Church. Maybe we can blog in greater depth about that another time. In addition to this ‘link’, Kimball is one of the more conservative voices affiliated with all things Emerging. Much of Kimball’s writings question the existing forms of church and their effectiveness in an increasingly post-Christian culture. However, he stresses that while change in the church is needed, the historical doctrines of the Christian faith do not need to change. Much of his writings focus on ways that methods of worship, preaching, church structure, evangelism and leadership need to change in order to be missional in a post-Christian or postmodern culture. The method changes and his insight into what the ‘world’ thinks about the ‘Church’ make for a very interesting and challenging read. Is it not vital that we see & understand what the culture we find ourselves in thinks or perceives of us? If we gain some insight into this then we can take steps to correct theses perceptions and effectively speak to the problem of sin and their need for a savior. Dan Kimball offers valuable help in this book and whilst you may not agree with every single point he makes, it is certainly a very important read in our increasingly difficult post-Christian culture.

p.s at this moment in time we have no online shop to re-direct you to but in time we will have that up & running and we will provide a direct link to our shop where you can order a copy of whatever product i have blogged about. For now, if you are near a Faith Mission Bookshop, do pick up a copy there.



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