New from Chris Tomlin


Chris Tomlin releases his new and highly anticpiated album ‘Hello Love’ this month. The music of Tomlin has become so well known in the last few years, when i started working in our Ballymena branch we could not keep ‘Arriving’ on the shelves.  Tracks like How Great is our God and Indescribable are now being widely used in UK Churches and his fruitful collaboration with Ed Cash looks set to continue with this new album. We expect that this album will fly off the shelves in the same way his previous 2 have done, his appearance in Belfast last year has considerably raised his profile in Northern Ireland and a growing fanbase has developed here. The label has said that shipping ‘should’ begin on 12th Sept so expect it in our shops around that time. I should add again that we cannot link to anything here for your purchase just yet so please drop into one of our shops and ask about this album.  Visit Chris Tomlin’s website here

In the past we have struggled to give ‘exact’ release dates for products. Usually there is a delay between USA dates and UK dates, we know this is annoying for some of you but we hope that through this blog and our online shop that we can provide you with the best information available possible.


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One Response to “New from Chris Tomlin”

  1. Phil Groom Says:

    Don’t know about the Chris Tomlin album but I like the new blog header: nice one!

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