Living Water : Brother Yun


This follow-up book from the author of the bestselling The Heavenly Man shares the vision of one of China’s most dedicated, courageous and intensely persecuted house church leaders. Using the message of the Bible and interweaving it with stories of life-changing faith, Living Water distils the wisdom of this courageous Christian man who suffered intense persecution for his beliefs. Brother Yun challenges Christians to go deeper in their faith, and become bold in their witness for Christ. He shows how God can make you as bold as a lion, and bring your days as a timid Christian to an end. The phenomonal success of his first book has guaranteed that this book would sell well and already it has. So many people have read The Heavenly Man that the popularity of this title is sure to run on to Christmas and beyond so why not drop into your local bookshop and pick one up? On posts where we recommend a product i am going to start adding a bit more detail, as  you will see below. These vital pieces of info will be on our web-shop once we launch and with well known titles like this one its not such a neccessary requirement as all our staff should be aware of a key title like this. However, it can be challenging when a customer comes into the shop and they only know part of the title, or just the author’s name and perhaps the color of the book!! Having an author name and title is always helpful, the ISBN code is invaluable in a book search so where possible we want to make that info available to you.

ISBN: 9780310285540
PUBLISHER: Zondervan Publishing Usa
FORMAT: Paper Back


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