Not Art:Gospel


“Not Art. Gospel. is an artistic view of each topic on the Sermon on the Mount. Some amazing doors have been opened, and some great conversations have started from this. But what is most important is that the words of Jesus are being discussed. We want to create art that will lead to God, and we pray that this project will be for His glory.” Thats what their site says, check it out here.  You can download any of the current images they have created from that link, free of charge and available to use. I really enjoy all kinds of art and design, in recent years i have spent more time creating on a computer than in a more traditional form but its still art. I remember being discouraged from going after a formal education in arts, many said ‘what will you do with art?’ in the same slightly ingnorant that someone said to a young John Lennon, ‘you won’t make any money with that music.’ Creativity and artistic ability are often overlooked in Church and a book that was very helpful to me in this area was Art for God’s Sake by Philip Graham Ryken. He is pastor of the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia who contends ‘that artists should use their artistic talents to bring glory to God. And further, the church should take a leading role in encouraging this type of expression.’ Tim Challies has written a good review of the book here. The details of the book are below, please note the image in this post is from the website linked and is not the artwork from the book.

Title: Art for God’s Sake 
Author/artist : Philip Graham Ryken
ISBN: 978-1596380073
Publisher: P&R
Format: Paperback


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