Sermon on the Mount


We have just begun a series in our evening services at the Church i attend on The Beatitudes. There are countless books written on this area of scripture and the teaching of Jesus. The book pictured left is more than just The Beatitudes, it covers the complete Sermon on the Mount but i have found it to be most helpful as an aid to understanding these teachings. Last year i carried this book in my bag to work, read it over and over, writing in the margins and swallowing it whole. Its amazing that as we go into this sermon series and i take a fresh look at the words of Jesus in this passage they are just as new and exciting as they were last year when i was deep in this book. I used to wonder as a child why i would hear my Dad say that in Bible study he was studying Hebrews for example, and i would say, ‘but you studied that before right? or ;you men are always in Hebrews.’ As iv gotten older iv realized more and more that God’s word is fresh, new and exciting every day because it is alive and simply because it is God’s word. In conversation recently someone told me of how they struggle to read their Bible every day, its something i also struggle with often. I often go back to Matthew 5 when i am struggling with this, the words within are difficult yet something draws me in. Here is how John Stott describes it; ‘The followers of Jesus are to be different, different from both the nominal church and the secular world, different from both the religious and the irreligious. The Sermon on the Mount is the most complete delineation anywhere in the New Testament of the Christian counter-culture. Here is a Christian value-system, ethical, standard, religious devotion, attitude to money, ambition, lifestyle and network of relationships – all of which are totally at variance with those in the non-Christian world. And this Christian counter-culture is the life of the Kingdom of God, a fully human life indeed but lived out under the divine rule.’

This book and others in the Bible Speaks Today series by IVP are available at all FM bookshops

The Message of The Sermon on the Mount
John Stott
Publisher IVP
ISBN 9780851109701
Format Paperback


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