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From the traffic we get here and hope to continue to get i am quite sure Facebook is something most of you have heard of? In recent years the phenomenom for social networking sites has exploded and not without plenty of controversy. There are many risks with leaving so much information about yourself on sites like Facebook, Bebo and Myspace but the benefits for minstry organizations and Churches are becoming endless. The growth of online business and online ministry is part of a huge shift in how the web is being used. It has in essence became a big social networking tool, another world if you like, that operates outside and alongside ‘real life.’ One of the finest examples of taking technology and using it to enhance your ministry is the Mars Hill Church site. They are pushing the boundaries of what a Church can offer online to the world in terms of their sermon content and other resources. On Facebook, a new group for Christians in Ireland that started as an experiment is growing at a rapid pace. Check it out here. Who knows what can come of this level of ‘cyber unity?’ Will it be used for good? That is the hope. In time we, at FM hope to utilize the web to grow our audience and marketplace beyond what we currently are blessed with. Sites like the Mars Hill one help to encourage and also display the possibilities of what we can do. The facebook group and other social networking sites like it are a great way to network with people and promote your cause, whether it be business or ministry. These are some of the reasons why we are stepping out further afield and into the online world to expand our reach.


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2 Responses to “Christian Ministry Online…”

  1. Jim Wilson Says:

    Thank you for this post. When we ourselves felt God leading us to place our ministry online and go “cyber” we had no idea how to get the word and (Word) out. We held fast that if we would simply lift His name up that He would draw all men near and we utilized social networking to do that, some of the things that helped us most, were myspace, facebook, and various social networking sites because at that time it was rare to have a “Christian” Ministry amongst the kids and adults that were logging on to socialize with their frinds then we saw a need to be there and we rapidly have grown to over 337,000 active subscribers and a network of over 2.5 million people that otherwise we would not have been able to have done or reached had it not been for programs like you have mentioned. When the networking is done in a way to promote the Kingdom of God, God’s hand will be on it and it has no choice but to continue to blossom.

    Going Cyber with your ministry is just another way of getting the Word out to all corners of the earth fulfilling the great commission. God Bless you myd ear friend.

    Rev. Jim Wilson

  2. Vince Olaer Says:

    I personally believe in this ministry. The devil have filled the net with all kinds of evils. Our work as Christians now is to fill the net with godliness. I myself is planning to build a paid hosted website that will provide free digital resources for our fellow Christian brothers… when that time comes, hope you’ll help to promote it. :))


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