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Belfast Church Plant

October 31, 2008

When i read those words my first instinct was “Does Belfast need another Church?” I am quite sure that is a common response & would be the same in most Northern Irelands towns or Cities. With over 1/4Million population Belfast is an ever changing city, the effects of peace in our land and huge investment in the city are visible for all to see. So often we hear of declining figures in Church attendance but i am not sure iv ever seen a proper statistic on this, or at least one that i can trust. This Church Plant is part of the New Frontiers network of Churches who i knew little about until i read of this, i did know of Terry Virgo though. In relation to the plant here are some questions they have asked ;

Are you from Northern Ireland and has God given you a heart to see churches, on mission, planted across the region?

Do you know anyone from Northern Ireland who might be interested in a church plant in Belfast?

Do you have a heart for church planting in an urban or rural context?

Pretty much all you need to know is at their official Belfast Church Plant Website


Post Charismatic

October 22, 2008

This is a book written particularly, though not exclusively, for people who have been hurt through extremes within Pentecostal / Charismatic churches.  McAlpine’s thesis is that the answer to abuse is not disuse, however attractive that may seem, but proper use.  After a chapter on the history of Pentecostalism, the Charismatic movement and the Third Wave, he looks at some of the extremes which have left people wounded e.g. the Latter Rain movement, Word of Faith teaching and the “Shepherding movement”.  He talks, among other things, about hype, prophetic pronouncements that have not borne fruit and elitism and how these have led many to become disillusioned.  In his chapter, Five-Fold reconsidered, he makes the telling point that the five-fold ministries are just that, ministries and not positions of leadership within the church.  I not only like what McAlpine has to say; I like the spirit in which he says it.  Highly recommended.

Book Review by Brian Kerr

Title: Post-Charismatic? 
Author: Rob McAlpine
Publisher: David C. Cook
Isbn: 9781842913505
Format: Paperback.


Website Update…………

October 15, 2008

As some, if not most of you will know we are in the middle of creating a website for the Faith Mission Bookshops that will enable us to sell product online. Effectively we are opening a new shop in a new location, except not in the traditional sense. It is quite common now for businesses to exist purely as an online entity with no high street presence so we are entering a path thats already well trodden.  So, in light of this fact we face an ongoing challenge in this new area of ministry, we are not attempting to re-invent online bookselling and if you buy books online often then you may even be familiar with a lot of what our site will try to achieve. In a recent press release Gareth Mulholland of stated that Range’, ‘Availability’ and ‘Convenience’ were a higher priority to customers than price. A combination of all these factors is hard to achieve and the struggle of having ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ stock is a never ending headache. While every other area of high street bookselling in the UK is finding existence extremely difficult we have had the wonderful blessing of a new shop in Portadown, we have much to be thankful for. The development of our online shop is another new expansion of the Faith Mission name in Ireland and with it we aim to reach further afield. So, it is our hope that we can get the correct balance of ‘range, availability, convenience & pricing’ for our customers, not just so we can expand the business but also so that we can further God’s work in people’s through books, music and most importantly Bibles.