Belfast Church Plant


When i read those words my first instinct was “Does Belfast need another Church?” I am quite sure that is a common response & would be the same in most Northern Irelands towns or Cities. With over 1/4Million population Belfast is an ever changing city, the effects of peace in our land and huge investment in the city are visible for all to see. So often we hear of declining figures in Church attendance but i am not sure iv ever seen a proper statistic on this, or at least one that i can trust. This Church Plant is part of the New Frontiers network of Churches who i knew little about until i read of this, i did know of Terry Virgo though. In relation to the plant here are some questions they have asked ;

Are you from Northern Ireland and has God given you a heart to see churches, on mission, planted across the region?

Do you know anyone from Northern Ireland who might be interested in a church plant in Belfast?

Do you have a heart for church planting in an urban or rural context?

Pretty much all you need to know is at their official Belfast Church Plant Website


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