Current difficulties at STL….


At the end of October STL had a change of computer system which has continued to effect the trade over the last couple of months. For those reading who have no idea what STL is, they are the “largest” supplier of Christian product in UK & Europe. The Christian retail trade depends on them for an awful lot of what the customers in our shops purchase. The two times i mention them above are linked to their new blog, which is keeping many up to date with the progress of their new system etc. We have, like all retailers, been affected by the changes and at times it has been very difficult to explain what is actually happening out there. I am not directly affected as i sit at my desk and think about html etc etc but i know of the difficulties that some of our shops & more importantly our Distribution Center, have experienced. This is not primarily the point of my post! I would like to know how we deal with these problems? Not just as retailers dealing with suppliers but also as customers dealing with retailers? How do we deal with frustrations and delays with orders? I ask this because of the following;

“It’s sad really, especially when you consider that the majority of people who I work with aren’t Christians. So now the wonderful witness that they’re experiencing is Christian after Christian shouting, swearing and generally acting like the world has come to end because their books are two days later arriving than normal. To be fair, not everyone is that bad, and some people are really nice and understanding, but sadly it’s the horrible customers who my colleagues remember.
Message for all STL customers – be nicer.”

This excerpt comes from a blog by someone who works at STL, you can visit her blog here. So, Christian retailers are being nasty to STL, perhaps and almost certainly, Christian customers are being nasty to Christian retailers and in case you have not noticed, the common thread here is the word Christian. Being Christian in name is simply not good enough and as the excerpt above relays a message of “be nicer” i would add to it that we should BE CHRISTIAN!


2 Responses to “Current difficulties at STL….”

  1. Phil Groom Says:

    Well said, that FMBlogger.

    Maybe we should all be wearing those corny T-shirts that say something like “I’m a Christian but please be patient: God hasn’t finished with me yet” — mostly to remind ourselves, not so that we can make excuses…

  2. supersimbo Says:

    Yea that could be very trendy 🙂

    wouldn’t it be nice to convey this to customers as well though…………thats a challenge

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