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Until the Whole World hears

October 22, 2009

602341013529In 6 years Casting Crowns have sold nearly 4.5 million albums, won many awards and gained unprecedented popularity with the Christian music buying public. Next month see’s the release of their 4th studio album ‘Until the whole World hears’ which is bound to continue the success of previous releases.

One of the areas of their music which never fails to receive praise are the lyrics, in which they seek to “Present discipleship through music.”

‘Until the whole world hears’ is out next month


we LOVE music

September 7, 2009

twitter prof pic Its been a little too long since we updated the blog! Apologies for that! We have been busy at FM Bookshops, developing a new accounts system that will make accounting easier & more efficient for both us & the customer.

But that’s not all, we have spent a lot of time looking at our music, trying to create a new structure that would be helpful to us & also to our customers. Music is changing, the industry, both secular and Christian is dwindling as far as sales of cds concerned. Online retailers have hacked their prices to get ahead of the rest & downloads have eaten into the figures as well.

There are a million other factors and we could go around in circles trying to solve them. The bottom line is we LOVE music & our solution had to be, to lower ALL of our prices! Plain & simple!

leeland-love-is-on-the-moveOne of our favourite special price offers we have just announced is the new LEELAND album ‘Love is on the Move’ which we are offering at the amazing price of £7.93! Yes, that is cheaper than iTunes and all other retailers in the UK! Buy it from us HERE. There are and will be MANY more great prices on old & new titles! Come & have a look HERE!

We have also launched an in-store magazine called “CONNECT” which will highlight special offers, shop news and promotions. More on that soon!

Brenton Brown

November 26, 2008

Brenton Brown is one of those artists who you might not know BUT you will most definitely know some of his songs. His songs, Lord Reign in me, All who are thirsty, Humble King, Hallelujah [Your love is amazing] and Holy were recorded on the hugely popular Vineyard UK projects of a few years ago and are now sang in Churches all over the world. In 2006 Brown released his first solo album, Everlasting God. The title track from Everlasting God  has gained a lot of popularity within the world of worship music and has already apeared on numerous other recordings. Brenton will be in Uk & Europe in Feb09, see the poster below for details of how to book him for your Church



More Concert News………

September 11, 2008

FUEL09 will, God willing take place in June of next year in Ballymena. FUEL08 was seriously affected by the terrible weather in august, it took place on the dreaded 16th august which was probably the worst day of rainfall i have ever seen in my 30 years! The organizers have already confirmed that David Crowder Band will play at the event which is likely to take place over 2 or more days. Crowder has become one of the best known and popular worship leader/artists over the last few years with his unique blend of musical styles and wonderful songs, he really is not like anyone else in the industry.

So, stay tuned for more info about this, its most likely that our Bookshops will sell tickets to this event. Watch this space! Oh & in the meantime, drop into one of our shops and pick up a Crowder cd!

Downhere :FREE download

September 8, 2008

It is becoming quite common to see the words ‘free download’ on the internet these days. The ‘Christian’ music market has always been a little bit behind in these areas but its great to see a few brave artists who are seeking to keep their audience captivated and also give them a reward for their loyalty. I believe the free download has arrived as a neccesity for artists.

Downhere are about to release their new album and in the run up to that they have produced some great promotional material. It hits stores in the USA on Sept 23rd and ‘hopefully’ should arrive in the UK very soon after that date. In the meantime you can grab a whole host of stuff to help promote the album on your blog, facebook, bebo or website. Oh yea, and there is a free download!! Go here
These guys have started to build up quite a loyal following in N.Ireland & the rest of the UK with 3 successful visits under their belt, the most notable being their support for Chris Tomlin in Belfast last august. Ending Is Beginning is released on 23rd Sept, start asking your Faith Mission shop for it now!!

Casting Crowns

September 3, 2008

Much like Chris Tomlin, who i mentioned in the previous post, Casting Crowns have become a hugely popular name in recent years. Their cds have been consistent best sellers in our shops over the last 3 years, Lifesong and the recent Altar and the Door have sold fantastically well. Worldwide they are repeating this trend and on 31st October they are coming to Belfast yet again. They played a packed house at whitewell metropolitan tabernacle last year and a return to our shores was inevitable. They appear at Belfast Odyssey Arena on 31st Oct, tickets are available in our Belfast or Ballymena Shops or here

Also, keep am eye out for their new live album due soon and a Christmas album which you can read about here. They sure are busy, read about that busy life from Mark Hall’s perspective on his blog here

New from Chris Tomlin

September 2, 2008

Chris Tomlin releases his new and highly anticpiated album ‘Hello Love’ this month. The music of Tomlin has become so well known in the last few years, when i started working in our Ballymena branch we could not keep ‘Arriving’ on the shelves.  Tracks like How Great is our God and Indescribable are now being widely used in UK Churches and his fruitful collaboration with Ed Cash looks set to continue with this new album. We expect that this album will fly off the shelves in the same way his previous 2 have done, his appearance in Belfast last year has considerably raised his profile in Northern Ireland and a growing fanbase has developed here. The label has said that shipping ‘should’ begin on 12th Sept so expect it in our shops around that time. I should add again that we cannot link to anything here for your purchase just yet so please drop into one of our shops and ask about this album.  Visit Chris Tomlin’s website here

In the past we have struggled to give ‘exact’ release dates for products. Usually there is a delay between USA dates and UK dates, we know this is annoying for some of you but we hope that through this blog and our online shop that we can provide you with the best information available possible.