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Until the Whole World hears

October 22, 2009

602341013529In 6 years Casting Crowns have sold nearly 4.5 million albums, won many awards and gained unprecedented popularity with the Christian music buying public. Next month see’s the release of their 4th studio album ‘Until the whole World hears’ which is bound to continue the success of previous releases.

One of the areas of their music which never fails to receive praise are the lyrics, in which they seek to “Present discipleship through music.”

‘Until the whole world hears’ is out next month


Post Charismatic

October 22, 2008

This is a book written particularly, though not exclusively, for people who have been hurt through extremes within Pentecostal / Charismatic churches.  McAlpine’s thesis is that the answer to abuse is not disuse, however attractive that may seem, but proper use.  After a chapter on the history of Pentecostalism, the Charismatic movement and the Third Wave, he looks at some of the extremes which have left people wounded e.g. the Latter Rain movement, Word of Faith teaching and the “Shepherding movement”.  He talks, among other things, about hype, prophetic pronouncements that have not borne fruit and elitism and how these have led many to become disillusioned.  In his chapter, Five-Fold reconsidered, he makes the telling point that the five-fold ministries are just that, ministries and not positions of leadership within the church.  I not only like what McAlpine has to say; I like the spirit in which he says it.  Highly recommended.

Book Review by Brian Kerr

Title: Post-Charismatic? 
Author: Rob McAlpine
Publisher: David C. Cook
Isbn: 9781842913505
Format: Paperback.


More Portadown photos

September 12, 2008


Thanks to Timothy McEvoy for these pictures. He is the man who keeps us stocked on this stuff.

Opening in Portadown

September 9, 2008

Thanks to Iain for these pictures. I know we are still getting some traffic via the Faith Mission site so if anyone happens to have some pictures and they want to share, drop us a line at this email